What are Haldegrams?

If you’re a fan of snail-mail, these are just the thing for you. Ashley has always wanted to incorporate a service that encourages others to send a good ol’-fashioned letter. Haldegrams are blank postcards that are waiting for you to fill them with your lovely words. Ashley takes your words and puts them into art and sends them to anyone you’d like. All of these postcards are original, hand painted pieces of art. This isn’t something you’d find at a rest stop.

Again, you’re in the driver seat when it comes to creating these one-of-a-kind postcards. Once the design and artwork is all done, we send the finished product to whoever you want. Want to send a big, ‘fuck you’ to an ex-lover or boss. We will do that to. 

Haldegrams all start at the price of $10 - may have additional cost depending on the specifications of each project.