Why would one hire a hand-letterer?

The simple answer to this question is that you probably tried writing something ‘fancy’ and realized that your handwriting is not as good as you thought and that it’s a lot harder than it looks. It takes a lot to finally admit this. I’m so proud that you’ve come to the dark side and I’m so elated that you’ve stumbled upon our little haüs.

But here’s the long answer, hiring a letterer is about having someone able to put time and detail into the letters, words, and notes that you have for your project or vision. The possibilities are endless! Words are extremely powerful and we want the art that we create to reflect that. And when we say no project is too small, we mean it. Need a unique gift for that one person that ‘has everything’? Have a bad-ass idea that you want to hang on your wall? Do you need a sign made up for your business? Also, if your grandma needs a reminder of how freakin’ awesome she is, we will figure something out. Because we are here to create the art but also give you a dynamite experience. Yeah, I’m sure you could find something in the store that would suffice. But with us, you will be able to see something exactly the way you want it and have your original idea come to life.

Don’t hold onto something that could bring joy into your life or the life of others.
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